Music Mike Create

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Music Mike Create, A Creative Sound Tool For Children

iPhone and iPad App


Music Mike Create is an audio composition app designed for teaching audio recording and mixing to children of primary school age. The app is designed to allow children to record a short selection of sounds then process them using images that are familiar to them.

The app records into four coloured sound pads using either the internal microphone from an audio file source or both simultaneously. The selected square fills uo during recording to indicate loop length. Once the loop is recorded, the sound can be processed by using several effects parameters, which are indicated by a relevant image. For Example Pitch is represented from Elephant to Mouse; Elephant being low pitch and Mouse being high pitch. A circular indicator shows the distance between the two. Once happy with the effect the process can be made permanent by pressing the magic wand button. Effects can be applied over and over on purchase of an upgrade in the store. Once a collection of loops has been made, a recording screen allows you to trigger the loops to make a small mix, limited to 1 minute 30 seconds. This mix can be played on the input screen and then shared using several popular methods.


  • Designed according to national curriculum guidelines
  • Four sample pads for recording small audio loops
  • Process Screen with child friendly image labels for adjusting parameters
  • Pitch Shift process
  • Time Stretch process
  • Reverse process
  • Timbre process
  • Echo process
  • Simple Record screen where loops can be triggered and recorded to a mix
  • Share recorded tracks using Email, Audiocopy 2 and Audioshare
  • Import and export via iTunes


Process Sounds By Tapping Images

Simple Loop Recording

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