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ASlicer of audio please..


ASlicer is a flexible granular synthesis based audio manipulation tool for creating truly out there sound compositions. Part sampler, part sequencer, part remix tool, the app lets your imagination run wild and transforms sound slices into new and exciting sonic shapes.

The app records to a sound buffer through the internal microphone (or AudioBus), from an audio file or both simultaneously. During the recording process the application detects hit points, which after the recording process has completed it uses to assign a series of slices to each of the apps 16 Tiles. Slice assignment can be changed manually afterwards if so desired. Each of the sixteen tiles is a playback machine in its own right with it's own set of assignable playback parameters and Fx settings, which can be mixed and adjusted within each of the Tiles "Pad" mode. Patterns of tiles can be recorded and played back using the tile sequencer panel.

The Tech

  • Playback slices, forward and reverse at different speeds
  • Extreme pitch shifting independent of playback speed
  • Window Adjustment, grainy!
  • Modulated Feedback Delay for generating some truly wild sounds
  • Filter and BitCrush Effects
  • Multiple playback modes for each tile offering versatile creative possibilities.
  • Pattern sequencer with 8 preset banks
  • Fx Preset Save and Recall
  • Project Save and Recall
  • Audio Export (With In-App Purchase)
  • Share recorded tracks with AudioShare, AudioCopy2, Email, SoundCloud
  • Import and export via iTunes
  • Import with AudioShare and AudioCopy2
  • AudioBus Support, In/Out/Filter
  • Purchase sample packs with a wide varied of studio produced sounds to remix

  • Developed by the developer behind A-Delay


Fx Mixing Pad

Multiple Play Modes

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