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ADelay...... The Sound Of Out There


ADelay is a granular synthesis based audio effect processing tool for creating truly wild out there sounds. The tool is designed for the extreme, it makes it ideal for experimentation. Some great results can be had, whether they be used for creating spot effects for film or for simply processing an instrument; ADelay works great with adapters such as iRig. Alternatively hook it into Audiobus to allow ADelay to be used as part of an Fx Chain along with other audio apps.

The app takes sound input through the internal microphone (or AudioBus), the builtin audio player or both simultaneously. By using the simple and clean interface, audio can be processed using the fx sliders controls. Slider movement can be stored in one of four different pattern banks and played back. Pattern banks can also be saved and recalled back at a later point.

The Tech

  • Extreme pitch shifting
  • Window Adjustment, grainy!
  • Modulated Feedback Delay for generating some truly wild sounds
  • Filter and BitCrush Effects
  • Slider Automation
  • 4 Pattern Banks per slider for storing Automation data
  • Project Save and Recall
  • Audio Export (With Audio Export "In App Purchase")
  • Share recorded tracks with AudioShare, AudioCopy2, Email, SoundCloud
  • Import with AudioShare and AudioCopy2
  • Import and export via iTunes
  • AudioBus Support, In/Out/Filter
  • Purchase sample packs with a wide variety of quality produced sounds to remix


Pattern Banks

Automated Processing

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